Friday, 5 February 2016

Pain Scale for Non-Verbal Children...

I actually cannot believe that it's Friday again!
I mean where on earth did this week go?!

I didn't quite get a 'free day' this week, just an hour here and there which I crammed with washing, ironing and other general housework.

DS still isn't right. We have been back and to the GP twice this week.

He is in some sort of pain and as I am his voice, I was a little firmer than usual with the GP yesterday insisting that something was wrong and how we must investigate further.

He took on board my concerns so we are going to get some samples from DS and send them off for testing. I also asked for some stronger pain relief for him.

DS's Dad took him to his house after the GP appointment but later phoned me to say how DS was screaming in pain :( I drove over to him and could see he was distressed. I gave him the new medicines and he seemed to calm down a little later.

I have kept him off school today so I can monitor closely at how often he is experiencing the pain, how long for and the intensity of it.

I feel so helpless and desperately wish there was a way that I could take on the pain for him :(

I recently came across this pain chart from Cerebra which I have pinned up inside my medicine cupboard.

It is designed specifically for non-verbal children which I liked.
I know when DS is experiencing pain or discomfort just from looking at his face and I think most parents and carers will be the same as we know our children well but still, I think it's worth keeping this handy as a visual reminder to behaviours or clues that we sometimes may miss - especially if we have a lot on our mind that day!

The boyf and I were discussing this today and he has suggested that I get DS to be seen privately.
I can certainly see his thinking! DS is seriously struggling and we seem to be getting nowhere fast :(

I think I will try and hold on until we get the test results and see if that shows anything up, if not, then I will be taking the boyf up on his suggestion.

In the meantime, I will keep plugging at helping DS to be as pain-free as possible and help in anyway I can.

As I type, I can hear him happily singing which is a sound I have always loved :) I just hope that I hear much more of it over the weekend than I have over these last few days!

So to cheer the little Superstar up after dealing with such a hard week, I popped a load of flour into a bowl for him to have a little sensory play with :)

Who doesn't love the feel of silky soft flour between their hands right? :)

As predicted he loved it and was even throwing it about like fairy dust hence my kitchen floor! lol

He even kindly popped some flour into my glass of water! Needless to say, I passed on drinking the rest of it! ;)

This is the DS I know, happy and free-spirit :) even though it means lots of cleaning after him! lol
Good job he is absolutely gorgeous is all I can say! :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Love Amanda xx

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