Monday, 1 February 2016

A Lovely Weekend...

Well from a rubbish week, I had the most lovely weekend with DS! :)

As usual, it went far too fast for my liking :/ but we do tend to cram a lot into them :)

Saturdays are reserved for 'Mummy & DS' funday. I love spending time with him and having him all to myself! :) I have had this little arrangement in place for several years now and it works beautifully.
Both myself and DS love our day together and it's something I plan on doing for many years to come.....or whenever he gets fed up of spending the day with his Mum! haha

We visited our fave autism club and played in the cool sensory ball pool together.

On Sunday we took DS to his usual swimming session and then I had a couple of free hours in the afternoon so in my true 'productive mode' inner programme kicking in, I set about batch cooking!

It was a cold, windy and wet day here in Cheshire - you know when it rains sideways :/ so what better day to do a load of home comfort batch cooking starting with tomato soup :)

What I love about home cooking is that not only does it taste better than pre-packed processed stuff but it's also healthier, you know exactly what's gone into it (keeping an eye on salt and sugar amounts) but it's also very thrifty! :)

A healthy nutritious bowl of warming soup works out at just 32p a bowl!

I also made some healthy flapjacks for work and school lunch boxes which works out at just 6p per portion!(once it's cut and portioned up of course)

I love it when the whole house is filled with delicious baking smells.

I was just on the end of washing everything up when DS arrived home - perfect timing.

Wedding Update:

This morning I had my appointment with the registrar to give my 'notice of  marriage'.
The boyf did his ages ago so I am well lagging behind him! lol

It turns out that my middle name has been spelt incorrectly on his appointment! I have a 'normal' middle name but it's spelt very unusual.

Very similar to how the name 'Rebecca' can be spelt 'Rebekah'

The boyf knows how it's spelt so I can guess what's happened - he has just told the registrar my name at his appointment but not mentioned how it's spelt so it's been spelt the common usual way!

So that's another appointment to correct that to make sure our marriage certificate has my name right! lol

I blame my parents! :)

Have a good week and stay safe in this howling wind!

Love Amanda


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