Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Shrove Tuesday...

Watching two very young cats play with each other in the school grounds this morning had me smiling.
They were a right little comical pair and very entertaining to watch! :)

They chased and played with each other up, down and around a tree!

Just seeing something like that had me smiling all morning :)

I was in a meeting all day today but when I arrived home, that's when Shrove Tuesday really began! :)

I have often mentioned how I am still very much a child at heart! lol I have always loved Shrove Tuesday and would look forward to flipping the pancake once I had got home from school.

My Dad was King of flipping the pancakes in our house :) as he could flip it really high and always catch it again! Though, there was he one time, he did his legendary flip and the pancake stuck to the kitchen ceiling! :) I actually think I wrote a story about it in school the very next day with drawings of it and everything! :)

Anyway, back at home, I quickly mixed four, eggs and milk and whisked together using my electric whisk.

As my Dad taught me, I decided that I was going to introduce DS to the family flipping pancakes technique and recorded us doing it :)
I'm struggling to upload the video here :( so its on my instagram account instead. 
DS really enjoyed it and keeps playing the video back on my phone whilst grinning away :)

Wedding Update

A couple of favour samples arrived this week which the boyf and I have fallen head over heels! We will be placing a firm order this week :)

Hair & Make-Up trials are all booked for very soon - can't wait! :)

Have a happy 'flipping' Shrove Tuesday! ;) 

Love Amanda xx

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