Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Chocoholics Dream....

Our trip to Cadburys World was a huge success.

DS did very well as it was very busy with lots of children, crying babies and lots of noise.

If you haven't been, the tour starts off with you watching a couple of short videos of how the Cadbury brothers started off.

DS managed to just about sit through the first video but when we were moved to a cinema type room for the second I knew he wouldn't sit through it so I mentioned it to a member of staff asking if we could skip this bit and get on with the tour freely, she was very pleasant and said that was fine so off we trotted.

DS was very good throughout the factory but wasn't really taken with anything. He came out of his pushchair shortly later and walked holding Daddy's hand.

I couldn't believe how much free chocolate you are given!
Our best bits were the free chocolate (obviously) and the little car ride.

Afterwards we made our way to the hotel nearby - now this was DS fave bit! He ran around the room, jumped on the bed with a huge smile on his face!
I ran him a bubble bath, he stripped off and jumped in.
DS slept well, as predicted he was very excited and Mummy was very tired so I fell asleep first (get in!) whilst Daddy stayed up with DS until he also nodded off.
So this morning DS woke up very early, we had breakfast and left as DS requested that visit washing machine shop so that was our next stop
Even Cadburys World cannot compete with the much loved washing machine...

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