Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Asking for Help....

Well I'm getting there, I'm feeling more like my old self.
I can't help thinking that being poorly was contributed by the stresses of DS's behaviour rearing its ugly head.

Therefore action needs to taken...and quickly! but to tackle this head on I need support and its this that is the tricky bit.

Ideally as well as working on DS's behaviour which is going to take time I also need a break, some respite for a few hours.

So I rang my local NAS branch, Parent Partnership and popped in school to speak to the head about options and possible solutions.

I even rang Social Services and requested a assessment to gain some possible support. This was done and a week or so later I was told that I was meeting all of DS's needs more than sufficiently then I didnt meet the criteria for support.

I sat on this decision for a while then phoned them back and spoke to a lovely Social Worker called Jim. He understood me but also said that he was struggling to find any help for me. Apparently unless your harming your child or neglecting him/her then there is little out there for you.

Over the course of 2 days I had several conversations with Jim and found him helpful but also different, especially the way he ended our phone conversations. I would be talking and he would do a little laugh, say take care and hang up! He did this on every phone conversation which really amused me.

Jim: Hi Amanda, its Jim from Social Services. I've had a few more ideas where you may be able to go for some support.

Me: Hiya Jim, great thanks. Are you okay to email me the details as Im out and about at the moment and dont have a pen on me but.....

Jim: *laughs* take care

Hangs up.

Jim was'nt rude, in fact I quite liked him and looked forward to hearing his little laugh knowing that our phonecall was coming to a end.

Anyway, Jim suggested a buddy scheme which I'm going to look into so will let you know how we get on with that one.

In the meantime DS has decided to take his two favourite things and combine them together! Weeing and washing machines!

Oh yes! At the min DS is loving weeing on things like plants and flowers in the garden. We've also known him to wee in the sink. I have identified that the places he wees is associated with water, so for example, he has seen me watering the plants in the garden and obviously the sink is connected to water.
But today he came in from school opened the washing machine door and had a wee in the drum! This is a new one for him but I of course I can see the connection to why he did it.

Just hope he only does that to my washing and not anyone elses.....

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