Thursday, 18 April 2013

Shortening of the hair....................

DS has always struggled with haircuts.

I remember taking him for his first haircut and him screaming the place down (pre-diagnosis)

It will be easier next time I thought, but it was not.

The whole experience was upsetting for him and often I would end up getting upset too at seeing him so upset.

DS upset = Mummy upset = DS even more upset = Mummy even more upset too

It was a vicious circle.

The last time I attempted to get him even near a pair of scissor, I remember very clearly. I had made the appointment at a good time during the day for DS.

It was made for after his lunch and nap so he would be rested and hopefully more tolerent.
So i strapped him into his car seat, gave him lots of reassuring smiles and started the car.
As I was driving DS was giggling and making happy noises.......until we turned into the road the hairdressers were. I was watching him intently now, his body froze with fear and he started crying, pleading almost for us not to go in.
At once, I decided that I was no longer going to do this to him, he obviously dreaded this and no more was I going to put him through this ordeal so i immediately turned the car round drove home and comforted him til he seemed okay and back to his normal self.

So for the next couple of years, I cut DS's hair, either when he was asleep or I did it very quickly when he was in the bath but I was no Nicky Clark!!

Then recently someone suggested a fab hairdressers just for children, it was local but the difference with this one was that each child has a TV screen and they could watch a DVD whilst having their hair cut or play on the Wii.
I thought that as it been a few years then I could give it a go and at the first sign of DS distressed then we would just simply leave.

So as we waited for our turn, we played with lego with me concentrating on staying calm and relaxed as DS picks up on my emotion

What I'm about to say next does not happen very often..... but I was lost for words.....I think I may have opened my mouth at one point to try to speak but nothing came out......DS seemed to enjoying it!!
The hairdresser was lovely and I was surprised to learn that she had a good understanding of autism - I was very impressed!
DS was more than excellent and even when she had finished he still stayed in that chair watching his washing machine DVD and because he was so good he was treated to look at the salons washing machine - RESULT!

A happy DS = a happy Mummy!

What a Superstar!


  1. very cute photos! Doesn't he look handsome..
    DS Handsome/Calm=Proud Mummy surely??

  2. Thank you! and yes one very proud Mummy indeed! x