Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Posted off my order for the trampoline, cant wait to see DS bouncing on it!
Hope it comes quickly!

A update on DS behaviour issues: behaviour seems to have improved a little since I've put him back on his medication but were still seeing some hitting and grabbing especially in school so after doing some digging I've requested for a TAF to be set up.

A TAF is a Team Around the Family and as far as I can see (and believe me I've done lots of digging around) this seems to be the only route for Social Care to offer any support.

I've been into school and chatted to the Family Support Worker who is going to work with me on it, she will be the lead person for the TAF and is going to get this underway straight away.

I'm guessing that my TAF will consist of obviously myself, the school support worker, CAMHS & a representative from Social Care but I am only guessing at this point.
I'm hoping that this will benefit both myself and DS,the family support worker is great and I know that she and the school will do everything in their power to support us with this so I do think its worth a go.

If I feel that this is'nt working then I will just withdraw it, we start the assessment for it this week.

Anyone else had a TAF set up? If so, how did you find it? Was it beneficial?

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