Sunday, 28 April 2013

Jumping for Joy....

DS loves jumping and bouncing on anything that is remotely a bit squishy.

He jumps on beds, the settle, cushions, bare floor - anything!

DS jumps when he is happy, if he is distressed, agiated, upset then there is no jumping so the fact that he jumps alot throughout the day is a very good sign.

Im our previous house I bought him a outdoor trampoline which he loved! I found that when he was distressed then bouncing it out on the trampoline would help calm him down, it would sometimes take that edge of his anxiety.

We moved 6 months ago and left the trampoline as it was so battered and not in the best state that I decided we would get a new one.

I applied to a charity that part funds equipment for child with brain related conditions such as autism and ADHD  and after alot of to-ing and fro-ing with myself, our GP and DS school teacher providing reports that DS hugely benefits from bouncing (all standard procedure) I recieved a letter from them that we have been partly funded for a brand new shiny outdoor trampoline! Yay!
I can choose from a 8ft, 10ft and 12ft, the larger the trampoline the more cash I have to put towards it so today I am going to measuring where its going to go in the garden and deciding on which size.

I can wait to see DS doing his happy jumping on the trampoline as I know hes missed having one.

Tape measure at the ready.......


  1. Who doesn't love to bounce!? I am 37 and love a trampoline. Great news to get it funded, you must be so pleased?

    1. I must admit Ive been known to have the odd sneaky bounce on his trampoline! Yes im thrilled to get it part funded - I only had to put £36 to it so I'm really chuffed! x