Sunday, 21 April 2013

Would you like any help with your packing?....

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Well today was spent bag packing.
Packing strangers shopping in our nearest Asda, we were raising money for DS's school for a brilliant special needs play area.

See how I'm poised with my bucket and shopping bag...
It was myself, a few other members of the PTA committee, some staff and a couple of siblings of the children that attend the school.

I shared a place packing with Rhiannon. Her brother Lee attends the school and she chatted away to me whilst packing - such a little love! she was a joy to be with for the 3 hours.

Here is Rhiannon and Lee

We decided to call it a day after the store started to die down with customers but we feel we did well - especially the children!

So straight from there I went and bought some shrubs to plant in the garden, with DS being with Daddy I may as well make the most of doing some jobs I wouldn't be able to do with him (well not easily anyway).
I finished just as it started to heavily rain - phew!

Right I will have a quick cup of tea and a sit down before DS comes back in and it will be all hands on deck as he will be:

Tired = hardly any tolerance levels = meltdown.

My personal mission on a Sunday is to bath him and get him to bed as smoothly as possible. To be honest I have a very low success rate at this but I blame Daddy for tiring him out so much on a Sunday that he has no patience or tolerance for anything! Ha
Ive also noticed that Daddy shoots off for this time....not daft is he?


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  2. Hi Louise,

    If you hoover and click over 'Google & Followers' it should bring up a little bar, click on the google icon and that should do it.

    Let me know if it doesnt