Friday, 26 April 2013

Our Lovely Laundrette....

Well DS behaviour has improved slightly.
I'm not sure if its to do with me putting him back on his Movicol for his bowels or not but since hes been back on it Im monitoring his behaviour very closely and asked school to do the same.

With DS only saying a handful of words which believe me is great that he does, he does not yet have the ability to tell me if anywhere hurts which I'm hoping in time he will be able to so for the time being its guess work and process of elimination.

Today, I made DS a 'mini laundrette' he is thrilled with it!
I began doing a little bit of role play with him using Upsy Daisy as a customer coming into the laundrette to wash her blanket. DS immediately took the blanket off her and put it in one of the washing machines and turned it on and I sat Upsy Daisy down using my silly voice for her that she was going to sit and wait for her blanket to be washed.
I  could see DS was enjoying this so I brought in another character with some washing who again he took the washing from (a clean dishcloth) and popped it into another one of the machines. I then slowly moved away to watch how DS played, he was using lots of language which is fantastic - I can see this game going on for hours!
I better stock up on some more batteries before any of them start running out and the laundrette becoming 'meltdown city'!

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