Saturday, 20 April 2013

Bring me Sunshine....

Today was a sunny day - Yay!!
 So without a moment to lose, we packed a bag of drinks and fruit pots and other yummy things that DS likes, jumped in the car and went out for the day!

We decided to head to Speke Hall as Ive never been before and with my Dad being from around that neck of the woods I really wanted to go.

Me and my Mum in front of Speke Hall.

As we were queuing up I noticed the engine house with its fast spinning wheels which I knew would catch DS's interest
We thought better than take DS around a old house with very delicate furnishings so we stuck to exploring the gardens and play area.

Whilst on the play area, DS was just about to pass a little girl on the wobbly bridge when she let out a scream because she was nervous on it, with DS being very noise sensitive he had grabbed both her pig tails in a instant and was yanking them!
I was rushing to her aid telling Luke to 'stop'! with the little girls Mum trying to loosen DS's grip on her daughter's hair.
I immediately apologised and quickly explained his sensitivity, she was lovely and kept telling me it was fine and not to worry! She even put her arm around me at one point telling me that it was okay, I was welling up at this lovely persons kindness, she really was so nice and understanding.

We then moved DS away from the play area and took him to some nearby woods which were quieter
Not long after this photo was taken, he tried to attack another two children for the same reason - they were shouting.

It was impossible.

I decided that it was probably best we leave the grounds and move on.
I was trying not to be deflated but its hard when your nervous about your child around others and you can't relax.

We then moved onto a nearby retail park, Daddy popped DS in his pushchair and took him to Curry's to have a look at the washing machines whilst me and Mum went for a coffee.

When we all met up again shortly afterwards, Daddy said that DS had been fine and seeing the washing machines had lift his mood instantly.

The rest of the day went smoother, we picked up a take away on the way home and settled down to watch 'BGT'


  1. Your Blog is brilliant Amanda. Hope you don't mind me saying but it has already brought a tear to my eye. I think your a fantastic mum and your little boy is amazing. I have expereience of working with children who have autism and it's the most rewarding work you can do but very hard. I will be looking out for new updates every day and thank you for taking the time xx

  2. Thank you so much! Of course I don't mind! I welcome any feedback about my blog. Thank you so much for your comments I really appreciate it. I do my very best for my son and as you have a understanding you will know how difficult it can be which is the reason I started this blog.