Friday, 3 May 2013

Keeping my Promise & Carry on Camping....

I've been working hard in the garden for the last couple of weeks. My Dad was a brill gardener and his garden was a very pretty sight with lots of flowers and plants.

I lost my Dad at the back end of last year and when he learnt that he was poorly and only had a matter of time left he showed me how to garden. He taught me how to care for plants and flowers, how to re-pot and how to keep them alive and healthy so that I could carry on and maintain the garden.
I watched him closely with the flowers and absorbed everything he said asking questions along the way.

So now the nice weather is here I got out in the garden and started work as promised. I dug, weeded, planted and raked - the sweat was dripping off me and my back was aching but I carried on.

Feeling satisfied with how it was shaping up and was pretty sure that My Dad would be too, I glanced towards the door and thought I caught a glimpse of him sat in the doorway grinning at me as if to say "whos a clever clogs then"? I had to look again because I was sure I saw him!

So its just a matter of waiting for my plants to produce some flowers - fingers crossed!

I had a little bit of time before DS came in from school so I decided to get the 2 man tent out as he loved playing in that last year.
As I was unrolling the tent from its bag, it felt sureal that the last one to touch it was my Dad, it was him that had put it away and had rolled it up so neatly with its pegs and here I was unrolling what he had done.

Deep in this thought, I erected the tent remembering when I did it last year and him sat watching me laughing when a peg sprung up. In the end he got up and helped me with it - still laughing!

Its not perfect but its up okay. When DS came home, I told him that I had a surprise in the garden for him. He rushed straight outside and dived inside the tent wearing his beautiful smile that can get him anything he wants!

After sitting in it a while he then wanted both me and Nanny to get inside
If the weather stays nice and warm then me and DS will spend our first night in the tent, he would love that!

Eventually, I managed to get him out to have a bath and get ready for bed but as I passed some time later and not one to miss out on the fun, there was Molly the Cat relaxing in it!