Saturday, 11 May 2013

Ahoy there....!

Today was DS Pirate themed birthday party. Even I dressed up!
Planning a party for DS (and I suppose for any other child with special needs) requires alot of thoughtful planning and precision.

DS loves playbarns but as he is very noise sensitive, visiting these types of places are just not a option. He cannot stand the noise of alot of children running around shouting, screaming or squealing with delight and he particulary hates children crying.

Playbarns for DS are sensory overloads - sight (lots of children), noise (shouting/screaming) smells (smells of food being cooked in the kitchen) its simply all too much for him to take in and process which results in him becoming distressed and attacking the children displaying his protest.

So I cranked up the old cogs in my head to have a good think about what to do and decided that I would approach the owners of our local playbarn to ask if I could hire the place exclusively for a party for DS.

Yes they said! It would cost me a pretty penny for them to close it down to the public but very much worth it I thought!

So today the playbarn was ours for 2 hours with only a handful of invited children to keep noise levels down for DS.

DS loved it! He ran around quite happily and even played with some of his chums - we had created a perfect and calm setting for him - fab!

His gorgeous cousins dropped by to look in on him
It was a great day enjoyed by all with a shattered boy by the end of the day.
I really appreciated everyone that came and helped to make it a success for such a special little boy.

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