Saturday, 4 May 2013

Morning Campers....

Last night DS experienced his first 'camping adventure'!

Oh yes, that's right, we camped out in the garden!

When I told DS that we were going to sleep inside the tent, he looked thrilled and was very exciting doing his happy jumping everywhere.

So I made us a warm and comfy bed inside the tent, when DS saw that, he did some more happy jumping.
We said goodnight to Nanny and settled down for the night.
As expected DS was like a wiggly worm for a little with excitement, he couldnt keep still with his gorgeous smile then he eventually started to calm a down a little. Several times I attempted to pop a bedtime nappy on him but he wasn't having any of it, snatching the nappy from me, unzipping the tent, chucking the nappy outside saying 'bye nappy' and zipping the tent up again - I couldn't help but laugh, he is so comical.
We listened to the wind blowing against the tent and snuggled more closely together.
Very shortly DS was fast asleep and  I sneakily popped a nappy on him
Truth be told, I fell asleep not long after him.
DS slept until it became light. When he woke and saw where he was, he remembered and gave me a big smile.
We stayed there a while listening to the birds singing before coming into the house for some breakfast.

I'm really happy that DS enjoyed our night 'camping' and that it was a success, think I may look at camping for real and have a nosey for some suitable campsites - Yay!!

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