Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Its arrived!....

Yay! Remember me telling you about the trampoline I ordered?....
Well it arrived!
So yesterday I saw DS off to school and set to work on assembling it together so that when he came home, it would all be ready
Now I'm usually pretty good at this sort of thing but this was a nightmare!
It was all going wrong!
I started at 8.30am and by 11.30am I had made little progress.

So I called (begged) Daddy to come round and help.

Daddy said even though he was in mourning (re Sir Alex Ferguson retiring from Man Utd) he would still come round!

Half a hour later, both me and him are fighting with this trampoline.....and losing.

By 12.30 I was getting a bit worked up and could of cried. It was so frustrating and I was gutted that it wasn't going to be finished for DS coming home, so I sulked inside whilst I quickly rustled some lunch up for us.

To my surprise, when I came out, Daddy had seemed to cracked it! Yippeee! and was making great progress with it.

We quickly ate then got back to work knowing that we didnt have much time, we managed to do everything but the safety net by the time DS came home.

DS stared at the trampoline in amazement then did a big run towards it, climbed on and bounced away to hearts content
This is what makes it all worthwhile, the stabbed hands, the cut fingers, the ripped skin on my hands,the grey hairs I must now have from the stress of it, the bruised knee (I knealt on a screwdriver - ouch) seeing his enjoyment on this.

Dare I say that I will attempt the safety net part when he has gone to school....alcohol at the ready I think if anything like yesterday...

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